Monday, May 24, 2010

Country Music Star Tim McGraw Supports Arizona's Children Association on 2010 Tour

Country music superstar Tim McGraw is supporting nonprofits across the United States during his 2010 Southern Voice tour.

Through a sponsorship with Frito-Lay, McGraw’s charitable fund, Neighbor’s Keeper, has identified worthy nonprofit organizations which serve children and their families in select tour cities. Grants from this sponsorship will be made to local charities in 34 cities via The Neighbor’s Keeper Fund.

On June 3rd, the Southern Voice Tour makes a stop at Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix, where McGraw, Frito-Lay's Fritos brand corn chips, and Neighbor’s Keeper are making a grant to Arizona’s Children Association, an organization addressing the needs of local children and families.

“Faith and I feel it’s incumbent upon us to step in where we see a need,” said McGraw. ”It’s the way we were raised. In our homes, money was tight – my mom was working two and three jobs when I was in junior high - but the supply of goodwill was endless.”

In addition, tour partner Outback Steakhouse will support the Neighbor’s Keeper Fund through in-restaurant promotions and other merchandise sales. Through these corporate partnerships, McGraw’s Southern Voice tour is helping create awareness about the important work of nonprofits within select tour cities.

“We, at Frito-Lay, really value our sponsorship over the years with Tim and Faith and we are proud to be able to help such worthy causes. We know that these days it is important for all of us to be “Givin’ Where We’re Livin’” and are excited to be a part of this effort,” said Ken Partyka, Vice President, Frito-Lay.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letter to the KARE Center

Dear Mr. Chaffee:

I am writing you this letter to personally thank you and the K.A.R.E Family Center for making such a difference in my life and also my grandsons life.

There is no way I could have made it by myself, but your staff have been so supportive caring and helpful for the last four years.

When I took the responsibility of raising my grandson Emilio, I was completely overwhelmed with his special needs. I couldn't even participate in the first meetings I attended; I just cried. The KARE Family Center helped me to get the proper diagnoses and treatment for Emilio and taught me how to manage our lives with his ADHD.

Nicky Bird was immediately available and strong support for me when I was going through the roughest times. With her help I came to realize that if I was chosen to take on this responsibility it is because I'm the right person for my grandson's life.

Yolanda Sevillano spent so much of her own time helping me deal with courts, meetings with attorneys, arranging medical help and insuring that Emilio got the proper placement in school.

Joseph Aparicio helped me with my own health problems in dealing with stress. He kept me informed of diversionary activities for Emilio and holistic health classes for myself. Most of all, I just appreciate your caseworkers listening to me with compassion when I needed to vent. They had so much patience and time for me.

Time has gone by so quickly. My grandson turned five years old and our lives are organized and financially stable.

I thank God every day for providing me with your help. God knew what was best for both of us.

Lupita G.

KARE Centers across Arizona provide help and support for families caring for children born to others. If you are a family member raising grandchildren, nieces or nephews, cousins or other relatives; an adoptive family or about to become one; raising children of a family member in jail or raising a child under 18 not born to you, the KARE Center can help. Services are provided in both English and Spanish. Visit and click on "permanency."