Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gifts of Hope Kick-Off

For many Arizonans, despite difficult financial times, the best way to celebrate the holidays includes supporting children and families in their community who are in need. Over the years, donors from across the state have participated in the annual Arizona's Children Association "Gifts of Hope" program.

Arizona's Children Association invites you to bring your organization, office or family together to celebrate the holidays with a “Gift of Hope” for children and families who need your help. Our ‘needs’ list is long and includes the wishes of children from birth to 18 years, and requests from their parents for groceries and grocery gift certificates.

The families we work with do not receive any other help during the holiday season. Individuals, groups and families are needed to participate and bring hope to the vulnerable children and families we serve.

There are two ways to give:

~ Sponsor a child, multiple children or an entire family. Purchase groceries or grocery store gift certificates and grant the gift wishes of the child(ren).

~ Conduct a toy drive. Collect toys and items for children and we’ll pick them up and distribute them to the children and families we serve. Toys are needed for children of all ages.

To give a “Gift of Hope” this holiday season, visit
or call 800.944.7611 ext. 2111.