Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Memory: John Boemer

A little more than 18 years ago, Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) was fortunate enough to recruit John Boemer to its statewide Board of Directors.

The mission of the agency is statewide and all board members embrace that mission, but each of those members comes from a particular part of the state and for them their “home” has special meaning. For John, home was the city of Yuma and Yuma County.

In 2005, John received the “Heart of Yuma” award from the Yuma Community Foundation in the category of “Outstanding Benefactor.” John has served on many civic, business and charitable organization boards over the years. Many of these organizations provide support to economically and medically challenged families and individuals within the community. John was well-known in the community for his continued willingness to volunteer his time and financial resources to improve the lives of children and families in the community.

John Boemer was one of major driving forces behind the many successes of Arizona’s Children Association. John Boemer has always embraced every opportunity to give back to the community he values and respects. With John and the other board members, the agency grew to one which now serves more than 46,000 children and families annually in every county of our state. Early on in his Board tenure, John decided to hold an annual golf tournament to raise money for the work that AzCA carries out for the children and families of Yuma. To date, 16 annual tournaments have raised a total of more than $500,000!

While all of this transpired, John was also engaged in a battle with a very debilitating physical illness that eventually confined him to a wheel chair and ultimately shortened his life. As difficult as that was, John never missed a golf tournament, including the one that was held this past May. He fought this fight with great courage and stamina and grace.

John recently passed away, but his energy, commitment and courage will always be part of the AzCA legacy and will live on in the work of the Agency and in the children and families that are served.

Thank you, John, for giving all of us the opportunity to work with you, and for your great and inspiring leadership. You will remain in our hearts forever.

-The Board and Staff of Arizona's Children Association