Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Heard Museum comes to Golden Gate

In April, our Golden Gate Community Center's Head Start program brought the Heard Museum to the children and families in the west Phoenix community. Many families in the area are unable to take their children on outings, like museums, due to transportation or financial restraints.

The Heard Museum offers a variety of specialized learning experiences for school groups, families and adult learners both at the museum and off-site. Head Start teamed up with the Heard Museum and were able to borrow educational kits that were set up in the cafeteria as stations for learning while the teachers and management team transformed the space into a museum. Teachers developed educational activities with the kits. One of the stations highlighted a portrait of George Washington. The teacher focused on his wooden teeth to teach the children and families about hygiene and oral health.

Families were also encouraged to bring siblings and other family members to the event, adding to the excitement and energy at the impromptu museum. More than 60 families attended the museum for an approximate total of 200 attendees—what a success!

“It was an event that some of our families would not have been able to experience on their own,” said Sarah Gonzalez, director of Golden Gate Community Center. “It exposed them to a learning opportunity and an outing for the entire family.”

“I am so very proud of our teachers and management team,” added Sarah. “They are passionate about education and what they do in their program.” Special thank you to the Heart Museum for accommodating our programs with off-site educational materials!

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Pictured above: Top: Teacher Kimberly Margevich with TA Rosa Saenz, Bottom: TA Nidia Martinez

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