Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Arizona’s Children Association announces new President and CEO Denise Ensdorff

Ingrid Novodvorsky, chair of the Board of Directors of Arizona's Children Association (AzCA) is pleased to announce the selection of Denise Ensdorff as the agency’s next President and Chief Executive Officer. Denise accepted the role of Interim President and CEO, previously held by Michael Coughlin, on October 1, 2012. In December, the Board voted to place Denise in the role of President and CEO.

Denise most recently served as Arizona’s Children Association’s Senior Vice President and Director of Behavioral Health programs. She has worked for Arizona’s Children Association since 2007.

Denise Ensdorff has been in the field of behavioral health since 1985. Prior to her tenure with Arizona’s Children Association, she lived in Colorado where she worked in a residential and day treatment center for children, as well as with an Employee Assistance Program.

“Few agencies in Arizona have such a vast and remarkable history as Arizona’s Children Association and we believe that Denise Ensdorff is the best fit to lead us into the next century of providing services,” stated Ingrid Novodvorsky. “Denise is a long-time AzCA staff member who brings enthusiasm, skill, and dedication to her position and we are confident about the future of the agency with the leadership of Denise and the executive management team that we have in place.”

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