Monday, July 23, 2012

Arizona’s Children Association receives grant from Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Program

Arizona’s Children Association recently received $30,000 through the Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Program - a partnership between The Arizona Republic, 12 News and the Governor's Office for Children, Youth & Families.

Arizona’s Children Association is one of 22 agencies funded through the Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Program during this year's grant cycle. Arizona’s Children Association provides a broad spectrum of services to children, individuals and families that foster healing and promote emotional well-being. The $30,000 award will assist in funding two of Arizona’s Children Association programs, The Parent Connection and New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development. The Parent Connection program works to decrease primary risk factors associated with abuse and neglect by teaching new parents how to develop positive attachments with their baby and gain positive parenting skills. New Directions Institute provides free workshops throughout the state for caregivers and parents to learn the state-of-the-art science of early brain development and its practical application in the care of children.

“This grant from the Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Program is a tremendous support to our programs that aim to address the issue of child abuse and neglect at its root,” said Michael W. Coughlin, Arizona’s Children Association president and CEO. “We don’t have to wait for crisis to happen in order to respond, when it is emotionally and financially more productive to prevent crisis situations before they arise.”

More than 25,000 of the blue "It shouldn't hurt to be a child" license plates are on the road today, making it the most popular specialty plate in Arizona. This year, $562,005 was distributed, including $185,000 in matching funds from The Arizona Republic Charities and its funding partners: Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, BHHS Legacy Foundation, Arizona Community Foundation and Valley of the Sun United Way.

Of the $25 license plate purchase price, $17 plus the match from The Arizona Republic Charities, goes directly to primary prevention efforts. More than $8 million has been distributed to date.

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  1. The Arizona Child Services finally get what they really needed. There should be someone who will work for the against of abusing of child and take proper step in such bad things and here we get one now.