Thursday, December 31, 2009

Six Million Pennies Means a Lot of Help for Families

From country concerts to bowl-a-thons, penny pitch donors were more creative than ever this year.

The results are impressive. The 14th annual KIIM-FM Tucson Penny Pitch benefiting Arizona’s Children Association amassed 2,879,605 pennies ($28,796.05), more than doubling its goal of one million pennies. KIIM-FM set up in the Foothills Mall Food Court December 16th -18th, broadcasting each day from 6AM to 7PM, and invited the public to stop by and donate spare pennies. Other coins and paper money were also accepted.

The goal of the 12th annual KTTI Penny Pitch in Yuma was to raise 3.5 million pennies. Jay Walker, KTTI personality and driving force for the Yuma Penny Pitch, summed up the results, “As we all know, you can't say the word "Money", or "Charity" these days without hearing the phrase ‘Well, in today's economy…..’ Well, in today's economy Yuma Arizona gave more than they have in the past 12 years. The grand total in the three day's was $35,675.00.”

The ‘pennies’ raised in these drives will help families in emergency situations. We are overwhelmed and grateful. Donations can still be made at

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